Update on Dale Earnhardt Jr. after the Windows 10 Poconoo Race

Dale Earnhardt Jr. after Pocono August 2015

Adam Alexander, who is a team member on NASCAR Race Hub stated that the box score doesn’t always tell the story. Hendrick put two in the top 5 and three in the top 6 at Pocono. However, leading only 4 laps in the last 4 races as an organization tells you things have not been very Hendrick like. Dale Jr. knows the team, and well, they’ve got some work to do.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. stated in his post-race interview at Pocono the following:

“I’d love to be sitting here 3/10’s faster than everybody and fighting only with my teammates for the win. But you know, we need to work a little harder to get a little more and be ready for the Chase and be ready to get out there and compete.”

Earnhardt continued with “We had a bit of an advantage last year, particularly on the engines, and it looks like that a lot of things have changed and we can say it’s partly because of the rules, but you’ve got to give some of the manufacturers credit. I think they have actually just have gotten better, been building better motors.”

“It is a never ending pursuit to build the fastest race car week in and week out and it looks like right now it’s a mad scramble to get ready for the Chase.”

Alexander stated there appeared to be a lot of concern in Dale Jr’s body language following Sunday’s race at Pocono.

Written by Donna Bell

Photo by en.wickipedia.org

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