I just can’t contain my passion for racing and the excitement and anticipation of the #NASCAR Race for the Chase that is going on right now. So you can imagine the huge smile on my face is. a little jumping up and down, and yes, a couple of dance moves thrown in there, when I got my #Homestead-Miami Speedway Pit Box Tickets, in-field parking permits and Pit Pass on Saturday.IMG_3414

I will be in-field all weekend for the #NCWTS on Friday, #NASCAR Xfinity on Saturday and #NASCAR Cup on Sunday. I wonder who we will be crowing as Champions in each of these series in November. At this point in the Chase, after yesterday’s Cup race and as we head into the Challenger phase, let me know who is your favorite to win in each of the series and I will get over to them at Homestead and get you pictures and hopefully, a few moments of their time for a little one-on-one for you. Trust me, it will totally be my pleasure to cover your favorite drivers and report back to you during race day.

Four are out and here we go folks. 6-time Jimmie Johnson is eliminated? Who would have thought that possible? And Kevin Harvick has never won at Dover before.  He is a man on a mission.  Who do you think will be the next four to go?

Who’s your underdog you would like to see take the Championship? Do you think this might be the year for Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win his first Championship? I would love to hear from our racing fans about what your hot topic of discussions are, so don’t be shy.

Written by Donna Bell
Photos by Donna Bell

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