The Kyle’s Klash at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Donna Bell

Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch collide at Charlotte 2015

Oh my, what a day of racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the first race in the Challenger Phase of the Race for the Chase at #NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. #42 Kyle Larson and #18 Kyle Busch, both running in the top 5 with around 137 laps to go, take each other out as they change-up their minds about going onto Pit Road. Larson decides to come in at the same time that Busch decides to stay out and that spins Larson around, and they take out my friend, the Orange Cone in the process in the 8th caution. NASCAR issued “commitment violations” for both of those drivers. Larson had been storming up to the front of the field, picking up 29 positions since the drop of the green flag.

Larson reiterated his apology post-race.

“They told me to do what everybody around me was doing and the No. 22…

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