2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

What started out as a whirlwind beginning ended with becoming the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.

Kyle Busch is a wheel man through and through, no one can deny that. But before the Cup season even began he was already out. The day before the Daytona 500 Kyle was involved in a wreck that would eventually lead to multiple surgeries. Within the week following the horrific wreck in the Xfinity Series, we were informed that he would be out for atleast 8-12 weeks. During those weeks in recovery not only did Kyle learn to walk again but he was blessed with being there during the birth of his fist baby, a bouncing baby boy named Brexton.

Fast forward 11 weeks from the Daytona 500: Kyle was back with a vengeance. Being given a pass by NASCAR that due to no fault of his own, he was Chase playoff eligible. All he had to do was win a race, stay up in points and he could be 1 of 16 during the playoffs. Not only did he win a race, he won 4 of the first 5 races upon his return. Seeing him live in Sonoma was fantastic. I had heard crowds boo him at other races, but not this day. The crowd was on their feet and everyone was cheering. Kyle Busch fan or not, that day everyone at that track was a fan for a minute.

Now we’ve come to the much anticipated Chase Playoffs. We knew Kyle would be one of the sixteen players, but how many of really thought he’d make it all the way. What started out as the toughest beginning of a season in his entire NASCAR career ended up becoming his greatest NASCAR season. To say it was is one of the greatest comebacks in NASCAR history is an understatement.

Once again, Congratulations NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion 2015 Kyle Busch!



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