It’s That Time of Year

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow. The Super Bowl is over, and Spring training around the corner. March Madness, and hockey playoffs to come. For a sports fan, February is a great month, for many its THE month. The “Super Bowl of Motorsports,” the Daytona 500 opens a long, grueling season of racing.

For me, it does much more. Everywhere I look, something makes me think about racing. Maybe it’s my competitive spirit, or a survival instinct. You have it too. Not you, you say? Perhaps you are in denial, or just haven’t accepted the truth.

Have you ever sat at a stop light and imagined beating the car next to you off the line? Was it a hotrod?

Have you ever changed lanes and stopped the momentum of the car approaching behind you? Maybe not intentionally, but you did look in the mirror before changing lanes.

Have you ever mashed the gas to prevent being passed? Not conciously, right?

Do you speed up to prevent another car from merging in front of you?

Ever speed up to block a merging vehicle and “peel them off” with a slower car? Did you smile?

Which checkout lane at the grocery store do you look for?

Does your head snap around when you hear tire squeal? Did you slowly inhale and detect high octane, or burning rubber?

Have you ever thought about filling up with premium, just to see how your daily driver will respond?

The spirit of racing is all around us, its in the air. It can be seen, heard, and felt, at any given moment. It is pure passion for most, even if its just for a split second. No further proof needed than Denny Hamlin’s photo finish at Daytona.

There is no need to admit that you have the spirit. But you should embrace it. Not on our streets and highways, but at any of the tracks near you. From RC cars to NASCAR, riding lawn mowers to Monster Trucks, there is something for everyone.

In the meantime, when you recognize that someone has that same spirit, just nod and smile. You just met another member of the family.


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