Changes coming to Kentucky Speedway

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Last night the Dayton Auto Racing Fan club hosted they’re monthly membership meeting at Celebrations in Dayton, Ohio.  The guest was Tim Bray of the Kentucky Speedway.

Tim Bray has been with the Kentucky Speedway since the track was just being built back in 1999.  He told us there’s going to be noticeable changes made to the track for the up coming races in July and September.

Changes include a new drainage system which will help in the efforts to dry the track. Tim made mention that Jeff Gordon refered to turn 4 as having a waterfall because of all the seeping water coming on to the track.  What the speedway has done and is doing currently is digging up the extreme high lane, the low lane and also the middle lane and they’re digging trenches to put a new drain in that will help the track dry from the rain faster.

Next NASCAR wanted Kentucky to address the lane at pit out.  Orginally when the track was built it looked alot like Las Vegas Motor Speedway where there was a warmup lane for the drivers to exit the pits, when Sprint Cup came to the track the first time they did away with a “warm up” lane and just had a pit out that was right next to the racing groove so what Kentucky Speedway is doing is making that pit out lane bigger and narrowing up the entrance to turn 1 as an added bonus turns 1 & 2 will now be 17 degrees of banking instead 14 degrees like they will be in turns 3 & 4

Lastly we’ve got to have pavement to run on right?  Yes sir Kentucky Speedway is getting repaved.  Kentucky Speedway hasn’t been paved since the track opened in 2000 which means it’s no longer the roughest track in NASCAR. Tim Bray did say they weren’t taking all the bumps out of the track. Besides the bumps give the track character.

All of these changes will be completed by June according to Tim Bray which is only a few weeks from when the events will happen.

Tickets for the races at Kentucky can be found on their website never a bad seat in the house from the 1st row to high above in the Ohio or Kentucky towers you can see the entire track and if you want to be the NASCAR Champion you half to win at Kentucky and that goes for all 3 national NASCAR touring series.

Thanks to Tim Bray for the information and also thank you to the Dayton Auto Racing Fan Club or DARF for the meeting last night and if you would like to join DARF check out there you can get a list of DARF dates at the local tracks see some of the best racing of the season.

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