Throw Back Thursday; Driver Information (and Owner) Richard Childress

 Powerhouse Richard Childress has so many credentials its unbelievable. Richard had a racing career of his own, mostly driving the #3 in honor of Junior Johnson’s past as a driver.  He didnt have any wins in NASCAR, but was a force to be reckoned with, with having 76 top 10 finishes and a top finish of 3rd.

 Childress has hired many a driver, including Brendan Gaughn, Ryan Newman, Bryan Scott, Paul Menard, Ricky Rudd, Mike Skinner,  His Grandsons, Ty and Austin Dillon. However, no one can talk about Richard Childress without mentioning the “Man in Black”, Dale Eanhardt.

 Richard hit a home run when he hired Dalel Earnhardt. With his intimidating driving style, dale pulled off win after win while bumping and grinding, “passing in the grass”, nudging people for the win.  I remember a quote from Dale that I love; he bumped a driver and spun him for the win. In and interview later he said ” I didnt mean to spin him, I just wanted to rattle his cage a little”.  Right, we all believed that.

 Including all the wins racked up by Earnhardt,  his teams, which expanded to the now Xfinity Series, and the now Camping World Truck Series, his drivers had many wins and even won the Truck Series Championship with  Mike Skinner in his first try.

 Richard also had quite a few run ins with NASCAR. Most notably would be getting into a fist altercation with Kyle Busch after Kyle rammed his drivers Truck on the cool down lap after having some harsh racing on the track. Clint Bowyers win at New Hampshire was a big controversy due to the car failing inspection after the race.  Richard maintains to this day that the car failed inspection after running out of gas during a burnout and being pushed to the winners circle.  NASCAR wasnt so sure and still penalized the team.

  Childress Winery, located in Lexington, North Carolina, has produced many award winning wines, and opened in 2003. With his wine tasting room being named one of the top 25 in the America by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

 Richard Childress is not as young as he once was, but its obvious the passion is still there. Especially after hiring his grandsons Austin and Ty Dillon to the top series in NASCAR. Personally I see Richard Childress getting several championships by both his grandsons and after lossing his best friend, Dale Earnhardt, is now making memories that we could all only wish for.


Dion Jones

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