Driver-Fan Interaction

By now many of have probably seen the viral video of Kyle Busch signing a fan’s hat in traffic after his victorious weekend.  I saw this video and instantly thought that it was a great gesture toward an obvious fan of his and couldn’t stop thinking about the video the rest of the night.  The video got me thinking “why is it that this video reached 6.5 million views overnight? ”

Don’t get me wrong,  this video is great and depicts everything that the sport is about but to see interaction like this between fans and drivers is a rarity today.   Sure you have that opportunity at the track to see your favorite driver and get am autograph from them but they always seem a little impersonal because the drivers are distracted.   They are thinking about the race that weekend and just trying to greet as many fans as possible.

This encounter was different though.   Kyle Busch saw a fan and went out of his way to get her attention and autograph her hat.   Say what you will about Kyle Busch, and there are many different thoughts about him, but he showed us all what the sport is really about:  fan appreciation and a pure joy for the sport we all love.


Photo courtesy of Racing Assimilation


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