Major’s or Minors

As we all know the NASCAR series has three top divisions. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and the major league NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Like other sports the lower divisions are used to develop teams and players. So I ask a question that has always been a point of discussion. Is it fair for a driver in the “major’s” to compete in the lower divisions.

Probably the most notable driver to do this is Kyle Busch. At the beginning of the 2016 season Kyle posted 4 wins in the Xfinity Series in 6 starts. So is this fair to the “regular” drivers of the series that are competing for the championship. Yes there are others like Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson, Joey Logano and a host of others.

Don’t get me wrong I understand that the competition helps develop the “regular” drivers. How ever when running for points is it really fair for the “regular cup” drivers to take the purse money and points away from smaller teams and drivers? I fell like this is a double edge sword. For the simple fact that you may be helping develop the drivers and teams with the competition, how ever you are taking money from the small teams by taking purse money. Therefore limiting the development of the team.

Other sports the only way you can compete in the lower divisions is to be injured or rehabbing a injury. So I ask is it fair for the “cup regulars” to compete in the minor leagues?

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