The New Nascar

It was Socrates who once said “The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy
not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. When it comes to the new points structure
in Nascar, there is definetely alot more fighting and alot less building. What bothers me the
most is how everyone says “That’s it, I’m done with Nascar” as if to say the points are the reason
you watch the sport in the first place. Now I consider myself a die hard nascar fan, so I’m gonig to
watch no matter what the rules are because I’m ok with change, I’m willing to build the new.
Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the masses, Change is a scary thing, Nascar is embarking on
it’s 69th season and if it isn’t broke why fix it, one word, MONEY. Let’s face it in today’s world
EVERYTHING is driven by money, for a select few people in the world it’s no big deal but for the rest of us
it’s something we can’t relate to. MOnster Energy comes along and now we have a new procedure to get used to.
The biggest issue Nacar fans have with this system is the segments. Everyone is irate that nacar
would break up a 400 mile race into two or three segments as opposed to just racing for 4 plus hours without a break.
Think about that statement for a minute. Have you ever attended a Nascar race? Ever brought your kids along as well.
4 hours is VERY long time to sit still for an adult much less convincing your 3 year old to sit down and watch an
entire race. Segment breaks are going to be nothing more than competition cautions from yesteryear, think of it that way,
trust me it’s easier to swallow. For those of you hoping that Brian France jumps off the Nascar gsrage don’t be so quick
to blame him for everything, yes he is the president but he has a board of directors and a corporate sponsor (monster Energy)
that has input in everything daily in the sport. There are also those who are quick to drive that hauler over the drivers who claim
this new procedure is awesome and a great idea, saying they can’t say anything for fear of being
disiplined by the higher power of the sport. To that i say what about Kenny Wallace, Dale Jarrett, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton and evety other
former driver praising this move? They don’t work for Nascar they work for the network who televises them and oh by the way they
have a contract to do so. Now I’m no nostrdomous so predictions aren’t really my thing but what If I told you you won’t even
notice a difference in 27 days at daytona? maybe socrates does have the secret to change, let’s focus on the future of the sport
and take change as a vision of the future, instead of fighting the sport that was….in 1948!!

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