Excitement Is In The Air

Excitement is in the air as we approach the start of the 2017 Race season less than a week away. A lot has happened in the short off season that has brought either excitement or questions for our sport, not only as fans but for drivers, owners and crew chiefs.

The addition of Monster Energy as the title sponsor has brought some excitement for younger fans as well as older fans. It has how ever brought some concerns with fans across the  board. The general census is concern for where are sport is headed. Meaning what type of fans and what type atmosphere are they going to bring to the track? If your a general gear head like my self you know Monster Energy is not new to racing they are just new to NASCAR. They have the title sponsorship for the Monster Energy Supercross. If you have never tuned into one of their events even on tv there is a feeling of the energy in the stadium and the riders attitudes seem to have changed because of a new points system that was put in place. Which brings me to the next off season change.

The new points system has potential for some exciting racing in the future. The old system needed some changes in my eyes because it did not reward consistency. As stated by the drivers them self ” this is going to force us to go out and race every weekend. ” Taking away the bonus points forces these drivers to go out and be in the top 10 every weekend. The days of going out and winning one race and the riding around experimenting are gone.

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