Changes Changes Every Where!

Well as most of you can gather by now I am like the tech side of this sport. So as no surprise to most one more time NASCAR decides to make some changes this time to the  penalty and inspection side of things. 

In a memo to Monster Energy Cup Series teams it was announced that starting at Daytona penalties will now be handled in the weekend the infraction occurred. Subsequently they also have done away with P1-P6 penalties. They did put in a two tiers system.   A Level 1 infraction will be for things like having 17 or fewer lug nuts or failing to meet minimum weight and carry a 10- to 40-point penalty, 1- 3 week suspension and a fine of $25,000 to $75,000. The second A Level 2 penalty for things like traction control or illegal fuel additives or testing will carry up to 75 points, a six-week suspension and fines of $100,000 to $200,000. Also NASCAR stated ” Significant infractions will still be subject to post-event penalties.”

The mouse trap that used to be inspection just got a little more interesting as well. Now there will be a total of three inspections in race weekend . A weekend-opening inspection that covers only fuel systems, engines and safety equipment, followed by pre-qualifying and pre-race inspections. The pre qualifying has not changed nor has the pre race they will still check fuel systems, engines, safety components, chassis, templates, and weights and measurements.” And if a car fails any of the inspection stations, it has to go back to the garage and repeat every single part of the inspection. 

Well if off season changes did not get your attention these should. It deffinatly will make Daytona that much more interesting! What are your thoughts on the new inspection rules?

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