Pull on Those Belts Tight!

It’s finally here the time is now! Race season starts this weekend. As gear heads around the world focus on the world center of speed the Daytona International Speedway for the Biggest of them all The Daytona 500. How ever that is not the only series starting their perspective seasons. I my self will be starting my season off at the Craftsman World of Outlaws Late Model Series as they open Their Series at Screven Motor Speedway, In Screven, Georgia. This is a two night show with 12,000 to win. We seem to get wrapped up in the main stream racing. How ever let’s not forget the small series and tracks around the country. These local tracks are the reason our sport continues to grow. These tracks are responsible for drivers like the Busch’s, Lagano, Kenseth, Boyer and a host of others. These tracks are closing  at a alarming rate so I ask of you please. As this year begins find a track near you and support it! it does not have to be every weekend just support and show up a time or two and watch the future drivers and champions of our sport. Keep these tracks alive.

All over the World racers and race fans alike are on the edge of their seats  with the anticipation of another great season and all hope for tight championship fights. I hope like myself you find a great feeling of anticipation for the up coming season. So with that said SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TRACKS AND SERIES! Let’s start now with roll call for your local tracks let’s see where your at! Stay tuned for coverage of the Winter Freeze from Screven, Ga.

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