Ryan Reed overcomes 

NASCAR  XFINITY SERIES had its season opener at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday February 25,2017. 

The controversial segment racing is a new rule NASCAR  for the 2017 season. Once that rule was announced, fans simply loved the idea or hated it. Very few were in between. Segment racing breaks the race up with three segment giving each driver a chance to earn extra “playoff points” for leading laps and/or winning that segment. Much like Elliott Sadler who had an impressive run in his 1 One Maine Financial Chevy. Lead the most laps and winning two of the three segments before getting caught up in one of the many wrecks in tonight’s race. Finished P24 but with his bonus points ended up second in points. This in my opinion is a good thing since so many deserving drivers have an outstanding day then get taken out but some unfortunate circumstances, and loses everything for that race. 

Well, that is just one part of it. Because of those bonus points, it also forces the drivers to race hard. Pedal down and charge towards the front. This provides great racing for the fans but we all know how restritor plate racing is, they get running in a pack and it’s a time bomb waiting to go off. You have a group of cars going 200+ an hour merely inches apart and all it takes is a slight wrong move or mechanical failure to send them spinning out of control. 

That certainly proved to be true tonight. I spoke to several crew members and fans that most had the same view and that was,

“This will make for a more exciting race” and I have to say it absolutely did that. I mean each lap you were on the edge of your season just waiting to see if they were going to make it or not. 

A couple pretty scary wrecks involving Justin Allgaier and Brandon Jones got caught up in a wreck sending them both straight into the outside retaining wall. Both ended up ok after being cleared from the medical center (I’m sure they’ll feel it tomorrow) several cars were done after that wreck. 

Which leads me to another NASCAR rule change. “The 5 minute rule” crews have 5 minutes to get on pit road, fix the damage and exit pit road all within the 5 minute period. If you fail to do so, you’re done for the remainder of the race. This rule was designed to save teams money from bringing “crash carts” to the tracks and trying to rebuild a car and send it back out. 

There wasn’t as many cars fail the time limit as I figured. 

All and all it was great racing. You could definitely tell the rookies from the more seasoned drivers. 

At the end of it all with an exciting race to the checked flag, it was a tough battle with several lead changes. When Ryan Reed who was involved in one of the wrecks managed to get up front and stay up front to take the checkered flag at Daytona. 

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the racing so far. 

(Photo credits to Getty Images) 

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