Blown Motors and Throwing Bows.

Accept my apology’s a little late on the draw with this one but I wanted to see how it was going to play out.

As everyone knows there was a lot of excitement and drama surrounding the  end of the Monster Energy Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week. From Danica Patrick blowing a motor on lap 253 causing the last caution that Martin Truex Jr. would have to fight off before going on and putting his name in the books as the first driver to  win all three stages. To Kyle Busch and Joey Logano throwing “bows” after their on track altercation.

On the last lap it appeared as though Kyle got a run on Brad going into the corner and Joey pinned Kyle against the wall or so it seemed. Kyle pushed and made room to get around the 2 how ever that caused the 18 to make contact with the 22. The 22 would drive hard into corner and appear to get loose collecting Kyle and sending him spinning down pit road ending his day one lap early. This is my view as there are many others including those involved. This is when the mayhem broke lose.

After exiting the car on pit road and the field coming to a stop. Kyle Busch sought out Joey Logano. This did not appear as if it was going to be a friendly meeting. All intuitions were correct as Kyle threw punches at Joey.Crew members would join in on the fight and they would be soon separated and the situation dispersed but not after Kyle would come up bleeding from the fore head.

This is where everyone wanted to weigh in on the issue. I heard both side’s fan base yelling that they wanted suspensions to fines and even heard some saying bans. You see the issue is that a few years ago NASCAR made the statement “Have at It Boy’s”. This is the opening Monster was looking for. If you recall everyone saying that Monster was going to bring edginess back to the sport, well so far I think they have. This statement from NASCAR had been tried in the past if you recall last year Matt Kenseth was suspended for 2 races after wrecking Joey Logano at Martinsville Speedway. This was not the only time this would be challenged a few other times and in all instances there were fines, suspension or a combination handed down. So it seemed at least till now, that the saying was just mistaken for a free for all if you will and  that NASCAR was going to still rule with that “Iron Fist” if you will.

Well this week that proved wrong as NASCAR announced early on in the week that there would be NO penalties handed down. Monster Energy and NASCAR just had the opportunity to get the ratings up something they are trying diligently to do. NASCAR not handing down penalties was surprising knowing the past, how ever not if you have been following the sport. This is what they wanted when they made the stage racing and rule changes. (again just my opinion). This is what NASCAR was about. We need not forget about one of the most prolific fights, the 1979 Daytona 500 between Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. The fight list can go on and on how ever it is part of our sport due to the high emotions. After all why do you watch Hockey the fights right? So why penalize/make it go away in ours?

NASCAR did what they and some others felt they needed to calling those involved into the hauler before the start of practice on Friday. It was a short meeting only lasting around 15 minutes or there about. When complete both drivers emerged from the hauler. One obviously more content then the other. We may never know what was said in the hauler only those involved ever will. We do know that it was stressed to both that “on track” retaliation would not be tolerated. We all know that if there was to be any it would not happen this weekend as they would expect it, it will happen when they are not expecting.  Kyle would be quoted as saying “Every thing is great looking forward to a fantastic week here at Phoenix back at the race track.” pulling a page from Marshawn Lynch’s play book giving that answer for every question asked. I guess this is just Kyle’s way of saying he was not interested in talking others see it as not taking ownership for actions how ever you look at it, the other side put out a persona of just ask I will tell you any thing. Only time will tell if they are truly over it. This week at Phoenix will tell some I don’t think all though. The two will play nice but let’s see if it continues.

What are your thoughts Did NASCAR do the right thing not penalizing? Is fighting a part of our sport when emotions are high? Was it disrespectful of Kyle Busch to not answer questions or is it his right to keep his feelings to him self? Weigh in let me know your thoughts. I personally look forward to watching in the weeks to come to see if they are truly past it.

Photo Credit Fox News

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