A “Super Team” In The Works?

With the announcement this week of crew chief Dave Rodgers is leaving the team. The very short press release from Joe Gibbs Racing stated he would be gone for ” an indefinite period of time.” It went on to say that he will be replaced by now Xfinity series crew chief Scott Grave who is currently on the JGR entry number 18. The crew chief vacancy in the 18 camp will be named at a latter date per their press release.

This announcement brings a lot of questions. First is something a miss at JGR? Who knows we may never know the answer to that. Or is there bigger things at hand like the possibility of a “super team” being built at Penske.

Late in the off season news broke that Carl Edwards was stepping away from racing. Accusations started flying. You see there were a few key things that I noticed in the press conferences that lend a hand in pointing to this is something totally different. Multiple articles have been wrote on just this topic alone so I will leave that be. However comments made by Carl him self like ” I will not Say the R word” one can only assume that he will be back. In February Gordon Kirby broke the possibility of Carl heading to Penske. As I agree with his suspicion it still has not been confirmed but still in my eyes makes the most sense.

Carl Edwards was the name for Ford  when he was with Roush Fenway Racing and someone Ford has never been shy about wanting back in a Ford. The only hope they had were to have Carl Land at Stewart Haas or the only other open Ford ride would be for the expansion of team Penske.

Here is where we are at now. We have Carl Edwards saying he is “not going to say the R word.” and now his crew chief saying he would be away for a “indefinite” amount of time. Wow seems like we heard something like this a few months ago.

Rumblings with in the NASCAR world have pointed that Penske will be running a third in house car in 2018. This is just my thought, but it looks as though they have their driver and crew chief free of their prior commitments. It would be foolish not for Penske not to go after Championship Caliber people like these.

What are your thoughts share them with us!

Credits MRN.com (Photo)

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