In a press  conference NASCARS Executive Vice President, Steven O’Donnell Said in a 7/10/17 Sirius XM NASCAR radio show, ” We are aggressively pursuing new manufacturers”. With the success that TOYOTA has had since joining NASCAR in 2007, Steven is actively searching but says “it’s a tough thing to do”.  but thinks they could be as big for the sport as TOYOTA is. Brad Keselowski driver of the TEAM PENSKE #2 FORD says “It’s the right thing to do”.

NASCAR received lots of backlash from the sports “hardcore fans”  and some still to this day refuse to except TOYOTA being in their sport. It makes one wonder, how fans will react to possibly another “foreign” company coming in. I mean, if you love CHEVY or FORD, it seems you would want the competition. There is no word on who it could be and no word on who Steven has even talked to. I have heard several people on our FACEBOOK page that they would love to see DODGE back and other say no. One thing about NASCAR is they’re fans sure are passionate. Best part is no matter what, it ends up being good fun and at the end of the day, we just want to see some racing.

I certainly can’t wait to see if they find a company to come on, who it will be.




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