NASCAR To Remove Jackman in 2018?

2017 Monster Energy Cup Series can be summed up in one word CHANGE. If you follow this sport faithfully like many of us do this is no surprise to you. This year we have seen changes in the title sponsor, rules, fines and lately a ton of driver changes and sponsor changes with in the teams.

This sport is changing before our eyes and some feel the changes are for the good others feel that they are detrimental.

We all know the race is won or lost on pit road. A normal stop consist of four tires, fuel, and adjustments. This is normally carried out by two tire changers, two tire carriers, and a Jackman. The average stop normally in the twelve second or less bracket.

The evolution of the pit stop has come along ways from the early days. The early days they used bumper jacks and four-way tire wrenches and then in the 1950’s the pneumatic lug wrenches started to make their way into the pits. Midway through the decade the floor jacks would make their entry into the sport. you see this is all evolution to gain that precious track position.

Well if you have been on pit road at any race its organized chaos. Well there is a buzz about pit road that may make this even worse or better depending on who you are talking to.

Rumors are flying up and down pit road and Racing Assimilation has had its ear to the ground. There has been speculation and rumors NASCAR is looking to evolve the pit stop once again how you ask? NASCAR is looking at removing the Jack and all Jackman all together. Yes you read that correct. NASCAR is looking to remove the roll from all teams up and down pit road. They are looking into a Indy car type pneumatic system.  This is terrible news if your an aspiring Jackman or a current Jackman.

Sources close to pit road have confirmed these rumblings but NASCAR has been tight lipped and will not confirm or deny. But the word up and down pit road is that it is all but done.

How is this going to effect our sport? Are we going to see faster pit times? I personally do not think so there are other things standing in the way. For example it is still going to take twelve seconds to put in the eighteen gallons of Sunoco Fuel. Also the five lug patterns and two tire changers. I am sure all of the teams if this goes through will venture down the road of trying four changers to see if it is faster.
So why are they doing this?

Well If you ask NASCAR their reasons for doing this is their normal answer to save money and safety.

That being said lets look at these reasons. First the money issue I have to disagree with this one. Here’s why, you technically are taking a crew member away, or are you? The theory is that you are how ever, what happens if you have a failure of the system during a stop and the jacks do not work? You resort back to a jack and Jackman. Now that is just speculation and I am sure NASCAR will impose some rule that stops teams from that. The next issue I have with this is the cost of these systems being added to each and every one of these cars. Don’t think there will be much saving going on.

Second safety. I do have to agree with this being the safer option. Let me explain. If you pay attention to any other form of racing like my gear head self. You know Indy Car currently use this type system. You do not hear very often that a crew member from these types of Motorsport  being hit or injured due to being struck on pit road. If you look back at the videos and there are quite a few most of the crew guys getting hit on a NASCAR pit road are Jack men. Yes there has been a fair share of front tire carriers that have been hit, I personally know a few. So removing them maybe the safer option.

However is it in the best interest of the sport to be making this change? I personally do not think so. I think it is taking the sport further away from the roots something that has always proven to be detrimental to the sport. I will be eagerly waiting to see if NASCAR goes through with it.  Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page  Racing Assimilation and  at

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27 thoughts on “NASCAR To Remove Jackman in 2018?

  1. There is no savings as you would have to do it to the Xfinity and truck series. These are not Indy cars, they are suppose to be stock cars


  2. If Nascar were Baseball, the changes might be like this: six innings per game, 2 outfielders, 3 balls for a walk, 5 strikes for an out, Then brag about higher batting averages.
    Remember “THE CHASE?” It was supposed to be so wonderful – now where it is?
    Now we have stages and playoffs – it’s really a mess. Are drivers allowed to complain? Seems to me they are not, as I can’t believe they like all the change.
    Go back to 1980 racing.
    Also drop the stupid speeding penalties – Some get a penalty while pacing several other cars, yet only one gets it. A slight bit over? We know you don’t have a speedometer, but go to the rear – you’ve been a bad boy.


    1. Every time one of these “changes” comes up, my mind floats back to pre-2001. To the days when Dale would have walked into France’s office and “rattled his cage.”


  3. You talk about NASCAR leaving its roots. They did that a long time ago with the COT (CAR OF TOMORROW). As far as rule changes, they change them all the time to satisfy the situation or depending on the driver.


  4. I agree with a lot of the statement and some points made and how NASCAR has been downhill, except for the fact that the air systems do not cost that much. A good air system is between 2,500 and 5,000 for all the necessary equipment. That is probably about the same price for one crewmember, Jack man, to fly into the race, hotel and his pay, that’s the only money savings. Secondary who is going to plug in the air hose to jack the car up, you’ll still need a jack man.


  5. It’s sad to see nascar take the sport and trash it,stop and take a second and look where this sport has lost many fans the last few years.stuff like this is part of the challenge and should not be removed for tecnology.You better try to fill those stands instead of changing these cars for worse.


  6. I heard recently that the fair weathered millennials are complaining that the races are too loud and therefore they cannot socialize in the stands because they can’t hear each other talk. They are suggesting quieting down the engines. So, what’s next? Racing electric cars? If that happens, I’m done too.


  7. We all know that Indy type card Don,t have. All the on track incidents that stock cars do what if in one of the contacts with other cars damages the system. And won’t work, If a Indy car beats and bangs another car on track at speed it is scooped up in a basket


  8. Im a season camping holder for daytona and am really dissappointed in all these bogus changes in nascar. If you keep changing the rules, there will no longer be followers therefor there will be a lot more unemployed drivers. Go back to roots.


  9. When Bill France and Dale Sr dies, Nascar went on life support…the son is a joke….spoiled kid stuck in a business I really don’t think he even likes….word is he don’t go to half the races… too high, drivers too young….it’s no longer a working mans’s sport like what it was…….I’m over it……don’t watch it unless I wake up and it’s on tv……..It’s sad……it’s not Nascar I’ve know for 50 years


  10. Its time to stop making changes to the sport.Danger is part of it nobody wants to see somebody get hurt,but lets be honest if it wasnt for the danger of the sport who would watch?It breaks my heart to watch the sport I love so much being led in the wrong direction.If aint broke dont fix it!!!How many jackmen have lost there life or been seriously hurt doing there job? Nascar please stop all the changes your killing our sport!!!


  11. Leave it as is keeping it close to the roots is the best way. Pit row has a lot to do with drivers and positions they get into that’s part of the excitement. If NASCAR keeps taking away the original things that started the sport there will be a lot of change in fan rates. People want to see a REAL RACE. STOP TAKING AWAY FROM THE SPORT!!! Anyone in racing knows the dangers.


  12. If you dont want jackman to get hit then alter the jump line. They get hit because of that. Less time to react to something. Give one extra stall for the jackman. At the tracks with shorter stall it will help.


  13. Since France Jr. and Dale Sr. passing NASCAR has went to shit, I very seldom watch NASCAR anymore, mostly watch the Truck series since it is the best racing and has been fr years but even that is going down hill due to NASCAR. If NASCAR wants to see revenue increase they need to look into using the Truck Series to validate a move first. Send those races back to the tracks that use to host these races and watch the Series grow. Take it and also put it back to winter racing. When the Cup Cars race Daytona in Feb. make that the Championship race for the Truck Series. Start the Series in the late summer, mid to late August and run thru Daytona in Feb., since most races in the truck series are run in this time anyway. Move the races in the colder regions to these months and use the warmer regions to run during the winter. Truck racing was great when it was the winter heat series.


    1. Interesting…if you don’t watch it (NASCAR Cup) anymore, how would you know that changes need to be made and make suggestions to fix what you supposedly don’t watch? One or the other…it can’t be both!


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