Bubba’s One-Over Victory ENCUMBERED!

Last week’s victory at Michigan International Speedway left Bubba Wallace very emotional and his supporters overfilled with pride. Earlier today NASCAR dropped a bomb on that celebration by ruling his one-over victory as encumbered!

This ruling comes as a result of failing post-race inspection at R&D. This failure was the result of an aero infraction forcing NASCAR to issue an L1 penalty.

The ruling cost MDM Motorsports 10 owner points. A $5,000 fine and one race suspension was issued to crew chief Shane Huffman. That suspension may be served tonight at Bristol Motor Speedway.

So, what’s the nitty gritty on this failure? NASCAR Rulebook (Section 12.4.10b) states “vent holes at the bed top must be configured for air intake only.” SiriusXM NASCAR contributor “Slugger” said today “it sounds like they were blowing air out.” In further detail the team was pulling air from the underbody through the gear cooler and out of the bed creating more downforce. This has left many people wondering how NASCAR missed this during the pre-race inspection or the post-race inspection at the track. How did the truck make it all the way to R&D before this infraction was caught. NASCAR hasn’t confirmed anything but there are a few theories floating around. A few things could have happened, the team changed the bed cover or the air duck system turning those intake holes into an output after the pre-race inspection or the infraction was undetectable to NASCAR until R&D. Either way this is a lesson learned for the 99 team and a warning for other teams in the series.

So, the owners were docked points and the crew chief was fined and suspended but what happens to Bubba? Generally speaking the driver would loose all play off points earned from that race. But, since he doesn’t qualify and the whole not having a ride thing it seems Bubba may have gotten of scot-free on this infraction!

Where will Bubba Wallace land next season? No one knows but we are digging into just that! There seems to be quite a few fans hoping to see him racing on Sunday’s in the sport’s premier series.

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